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Luxury Mini-Shuttle Bus
  • 20 Passenger
  • 20 Medium Piece Luggage Capacity
  • Individual Forward Facing Seating
  • TV & DVD
  • CD Sound System





Luxury Motor Coach, Charter Bus

  • 50 Passenger
  • 99 Medium Piece Luggage Capacity
  • Individual Forward Facing Seating
  • Intercom
  • CD Sound System
  • TV & DVD
  • Lavatory




Luxury Motor Coach Tour Bus
  • 56 Passenger E4500 Models
  • 125 Medium Piece Luggage Capacity
  • Individual Forward Facing Seating
  • Intercom
  • CD Sound System
  • 6 TVs & DVD
  • Lavatory


Luxury Limo Bus
  • Up to 20 passengers without Luggage
  • Up to 11 passengers with Luggage
  • 14 Medium Piece Luggage Capacity
  • Ice Bins, Glasses & Flutes
  • CD Sound System,
    TV & DVD
  • Cabin Partition





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